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Cinecyde at the Painted Lady


Infinitely influential in the punk/garage scene of Detroit, Cinecyde is eternally rooted in the city's culture. Only momentarily after the rise of The Stooges, Cinecyde helped to solidify a solid punk rock foundation in Detroit. Fresh off of a new album and a new film, the underground regulars will appear at the wonderfully divey Painted Lady of Hamtramck with Circus Boy and The Space Heaters. Mark your calendars for Saturday January 23 and witness sculptors and pioneers of Detroit garage punk.

Releasing their first single titled "Gutless Radio" in 1977 on Italian record label Hate Records, Cinecyde became one of the first and most loyal garage punk bands to call the Motor City home. Founders of Detroit label Tremor Records and proprietors of underground video store Thomas Video in Royal Oak, the influence of Cinecyde can be observed in many facets of the Detroit underground culture.

Nowhere near fading from the scene, guitarist for Cinecyde Jim Olenski recently produced a film titled You Can't Rent Here Anymore, an independent slasher centered on Thomas Video. Olenski and singer Gary Reichel are co-owners of the independent video store.

Cinecyde also released their latest album titled Lezbo Vampires vs. Al Qaida in 2008; a cheeky punk rock release reflective of their B horror movie romance.

Ever-present in Detroit underground news, Cinecyde represents an influence on the scene spanning multiple forms of entertainment. Don't miss them at the Painted Lady, for incredibly cheap I'd imagine.

For more information, check out their interview with Detroit Underground.


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