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Cindy Crawford: Yoga, low carb diet and Pilates are my anti-aging beauty secrets

Cindy Crawford's age-defying diet, workout and beauty secrets
Cindy Crawford Instagram

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is a stone fox at 48, thanks to a sensible low carb diet and regular exercise that includes Pilates, yoga and circuit-training workouts.

So it's no surprise Crawford is planning to release a health and fitness book this fall, where she'll reveal her age-defying beauty, diet and workout secrets.

"It'll come out in the fall before I turn 50, so it's kind of a way to celebrate turning 50 as opposed to dreading it," Cindy told Vogue.

Crawford maintains her stunning physique by following a healthy, low-carb diet and working out three to four times a week. The athletic mom of two said she eats well to be healthy, not just to be skinny. Cindy also indulges her guilty pleasures, which include dark chocolate.

"I love chocolate and I have some every day," she said. "I like to get the Dagoba Chocodrops that are 74 percent cacao. I like that they are chip-sized, so a small handful satisfies."

Cindy said her workouts typically include cardio exercise such as running, spinning, stair-climbing, and hiking. She also does Pilates, yoga, lifts weights, and circuit-trains. Crawford mixes up her workouts to keep from getting bored and to make sure she works her entire body.

Crawford, who has her own successful skincare line, Meaningful Beauty, admits she's terrified of turning 50, but has learned to embrace aging. "Beauty changes as I get older," she said. "I've always found that beauty and confidence are synonymous. If you feel confident, that's what people see. I always tell people to fake it until they make it."

Crawford, who admits to having undergone a few cosmetic procedures (including Botox), said consistent exercise, eating well, and having a positive attitude are critical for successful aging and authentic happiness.

"My goal in life is not to be happy all the time," she said. "That's asking a lot. I just want to be present so I can experience whatever emotion is there. Sometimes it's joy, sometimes it's not joy, and I'm fine with that. I just want to be real."