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Cinco de Mayo times keep going Monday

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Mexican colors show up around San Diego all day.

Traditional Mexican suits and sombreros, and festive dresses, win popular favor for Mexico's strong spirited history at Third Avenue Village today in Chula Vista. The weekend crowds that spread the annual celebration across San Diego set up the Cinco de Mayo perfromance day.

Live music, in Kimball Park in National City, accompanied the display of traditional colors started at 11 am.

The friendly local festivities never stop keeping ties to old Mexico strong. Remembering the Mexican army's victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1892 makes the Cinco de Mayo a never outdated day. In San Diego, the local traditions grow.

An opportunity to see Mata Ortiz's pottery at the Museum of Man in Balboa Park can begin a cultural experience filled with Mexico works died in old lines done with Mexican hands. The day's late mariachi music is in the evening at the Organ Pavillion. Concierto cinco de mayo, a musical gathering livened up by jazz and an ensemble chorus, lasts until 7:15 pm. Guadalajara strikes up again.

Choice of the celebration location is not dull in San Diego. Pinatas hang above park visitors at Melrose Ranch in Escondido. Ole! At a restaurant in La Jolla, a ROlling Stones cover band takes up work stepping up the tempo for the special occasion. Carslbad puts Mexican culture on stage at its own village gathering.

Cinco de Mayo is a day San Diego does not skip. Holiday work started this morning at 9 am. The opening of a new garden cafe at Walter Andersen’s Nursery, in Poway, makes the day worth remembering.

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