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Cinco de Mayo Fiesta with Camarena Tequila

Tequila Camarena
Tequila Camarena
Camarena Tequila

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Today is the day we rock our sombreros and ponchos, drink tequila like it is water and pig out on Mexican comfort food. Although it is fun to go out and celebrate at your local cantina, but to drink and eat with reckless abandon it is best to party at home. Time to bust out the tequila!

Ever notice that at the mention of tequila someone always claims that they don’t drink it, as bad memories start to flood back of those wild college days of cheap shots and nasty hangovers? Well, it’s time to set the record straight about tequila. Gone are the days of harsh lighter fluid shooters. The time has come to embrace tequila as a premium spirit and enjoy its smoother side.

100% blue agave. That is the key term here when distinguishing premium tequila from a regretful cheap filler tequila. Like most premium spirits, tequila is rich in history, tradition and craftsmanship. Premium tequila takes over a decade to produce and no one knows the process more than the Camarena Family who recently, after years of production for other labels, has launched their own label in the U.S.

The best part about Camarena is that consumers are getting a high-quality product for a very reasonable price. Great tequila is perfectly fine sipped alone which is my favorite way to enjoy the spirit. Everyone knows about the margarita, but it is Cinco de Mayo and it is time to step out of the box. Although there is a plethora of fantastic tequila based cocktails, the Paloma is one of my favorites. Simple and refreshing, especially on a hot day, the Paloma only has four ingredients: silver tequila, agave nectar, lime juice and grapefruit soda. It is pretty, it is pink and it is perfecto. For more awesome cocktail recipes, check out

Mix it up, shake it up or sip it neat. Camarena Tequila makes for a deliciously good time. Salud!