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Cinco de Mayo: Betty Crocker releases perfect food and drink combinations

Beef Bulgogi Korean Tacos.  Perfect when paired with a fizzy lime SODArita!
Beef Bulgogi Korean Tacos. Perfect when paired with a fizzy lime SODArita!
Betty Crocker

The geniuses from Betty Crocker have done it again. Taco and margarita pairings have been taste-tested by the best and delivered to our kitchens just in time for Cinco de Mayo!

Whether your guests are wild adventure-seeking eaters to rival even Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain, strict vegetarians, or just trying to watch their waistlines, Betty Crocker has a taco and drink combination perfect for everyone. Make one combination or make them all and mix and match as you please! Cinco de Mayo has never been this tasty!

Check out the slideshow to see the up-close and yummy pictures of each delicious taco.

The beef bulgogi Korean taco is a hot and spicy mix of Korean barbeque and taco truck masterpiece. Cool down after each bite with a swig or two of a fizzy lime SODArita. Tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and Mexican lime soda keep the fiery Sriracha salsa at bay.

Who doesn't love the Vietnamese soup, pho? With the faux pho chicken taco, Betty Crocker has found a way to make this broth rich soup into an equally pleasing taco. Thai basil, fresh chiles, and crunch ramen are the secrets to this gem, but don't forget to pair it with an amazing Thai basil MOJITarita. Mojito meets margarita with this fresh summery drink.

For those who want to keep things a little lighter, check out the skinny citrus shrimp tacos recipe. Cucumber salsa, citrus shrimp, and a Greek yogurt crema keep the calories down and the taste high. Enjoy a drink without worrying about packing on the calories with a skinny cucumber lime SPAgarita. Cucumber water from your favorite spa experience, tequila and a splash of orange and lime make this drink unforgettable.

The cauliflower power tacos will have the gluten-free and vegetarians happy and smiling at your Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Roasted cauliflower, chickpeas, and a cilantro pesto keep them coming back for more. Frozen mango COCOritas mix coconut water, tequila, and mangos for a tropical retreat from the mundane.

Head to for more delicious recipes and ideas to make your Cinco de Mayo party one to remember!


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