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Cinco de Mayo at John C. Lincoln Hospital North Mtn.

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Good Day Readers! I hope all your days are Happy and all your Hours a celebration! A celebration is what was happening at John C. Lincoln Hospital North Mtn. on Cinco de Mayo. The Food service Manager at John C. Lincoln and his team put on a Wow factor of a food extravaganza aimed at the more traditionally cultural Mexican foods enjoyed by many different cultures. Without question, Mexican dishes are among the most popular and in high demand in America where Restaurants and Bars and even Clubs are concerned. Mr. Kennedy the Food Service Manager himself put together and oversaw the entire day's play. The foods put together were Machaca Beef and Pork, Hand rolled Tamales, sopapillas, flautas, Mexican rice and fresh vegetables seasoned with Mexican pizazz, culturally flavored camarones, and of course refried beans. Beverages were made from home made recipe's including Orchata, Melon Agua, and Agua de Pina. The cafeteria was decorated with colorful expressions of Mexican culture and some booming Mexican music to set the tone to a highly successful and deliciously flavorful experience. Lunch time and dinner were an absolute smash at the Hospital on this Cinco de Mayo.

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The Food Service team promises to bring more exquisite dining flavors and more culturally correct dishes to the Cafeteria at John C. Lincoln Hospital and the public is encouraged to get on in there and have a great Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner at price right wallet concerns. The Service Workers are highlighted in the slide show and recognition goes out to their hard work and perseverance where it took a total team effort to make happen the great experience that happened at John C. Lincoln Hospital North Mtn. on Cinco de Mayo 2014. It was a great day and some great foods were served and the experience overall was just as equally great. Happy Cinco de Mayo Readers and all your Cinco de Mayo's to come!