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Cinco de Mayo a celebration of resistance and teamwork

A two day event for Cinco de Mayo fiesta fun in Denver, Colo.,
A two day event for Cinco de Mayo fiesta fun in Denver, Colo.,
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Many people in America pounded back their favorite drinks yesterday enjoying the festivities of Cinco de Mayo. A celebration of the Mexican conquest that pushed back French colonialism on May 5, 1862. Although the odds were stacked against the Mexican resistance when they defeated the French army, known as the battle of Puebla; the battle has been engraved in history as an epoch-making victory that is honored annually with Cinco de Mayo.

Although the United States has not classified Cinco de Mayo as a national holiday, many people come together to celebrate Mexican culture with traditional Mexican music, dances, and cuisines. Casamigos, an award-winning tequila shared an Instagram photo of a refreshing drink asking to “...keep the Cinco de Mayo vibes going.” However, just remember the celebration is deeper than food, drinks, and fun; it’s a reflection to honor those who stood their ground, fighting for their country against all odds.

Some ponder why the United States celebrates this holiday. Cameron Combs, who writes for PolicyMic said, “there are plenty of reasons to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, as America’s relationship with Mexico has strengthened the U.S. economy and has enriched our nation’s culture.” Talk about economy, lime lovers hold on to your cervezas.

According to Click 2 Houston, at first it was the effects of more droughts, and severe weather that made the rise in purchasing limes go up. However, since the war against the drug cartels; they have put the pinch on the extortion of limes that Mexico imports to America, making the shortage situation worse.

David Shirt, a security specialist at the Mexico Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars told Click 2 Houston that many people really don’t see just how “intertwined our economies are.” Seems like America has multiple reasons to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.