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Cincinnati to India flight looming

The lush landscape of Munnar, near Kochi
The lush landscape of Munnar, near Kochi

Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport could very well use or start a new flight and welcome a new airline to Cincinnati to fly to India so as to help the vast Indian population in Cincinnati or the Tri-State and its suburbs. This would really cater to their needs and make a significant difference as to their travel plans. It's about high time that the Airport Board puts some real thought and action into it.

The Airport could consider a direct flight either to Mumbai(formerly Bombay), the Gateway to India or New Delhi, the capital city. Foreign airlines such as either Air-France, Lufthansa or Emirates could be invited, besides considering a domestic carrier. The foreign carriers could also very well connect to India from either Paris, Frankfurt or Dubai respectively, where these carriers have their main hubs. If your connecting flight is from Dubai to Mumbai, it saves you significant amount of flying time, since it might only take three hours. This would be a reasonable request and would attract more frequent fliers and passengers to Cincinnati to fly to the Indian sub-continent, rather than choosing to fly out either from New York or Chicago. At the moment, the only European flight, Cincinnati Airport offers is to Paris and this is a major turn-off for frequent business class fliers, local corporations and folks trying to fly direct to either Asia or Europe.

There would definitely be folks looking forward to that day and their wishes could be fulfilled with this proposal. The Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and the City Council could take some serious action, since these days, they are having public sessions so as to find and take steps for the development of the Queen City and its economy. Let us cross our fingers and keep praying.