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Cincinnati sees three pit bull dog attacks in one day

Pit Bull puppies
Pit Bull puppies
Associated Press

Cincinnati-area Police and officials with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals had a busy day last Friday, February 26th.  Officials were called to three separate pit bull attacks in different parts of the area that day.

The first happened in the 1300 block of Broadway,  in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood near downtown Cincinnati. The daughter of former Cincinnati City Councilman Jim Tarbell was walking the family mastiff when it was attacked by the pit bull,  which ran out of a nearby apartment. Tarbell's daughter was not hurt but the mastiff suffered serious injuries. The SPCA confiscated the pit bull.

The second attack happened in College Hill. Police there say they responded to a domestic violence call and found a pit bull had attacked a man. The man used a golf club to get away from the animal. 

And then in Colerain Township, just to the west of the city of Cincinnati, two pit bulls attack a neighbors dog on Capstan Drive. A Hamilton County sheriff deputy came to the rescue of the animal under attack. One of the dogs was captured by the SPCA but the second pit bull ran away.  The SPCA says the owner of the pit bulls is facing at least two citations for failing to confine his dogs. That attack was caught on video and the tape given to WKRC-TV Local 12.

The owner of the Colerain Township pit bulls says the loose pit bull returned home and he paid a fine to get his other dog from the custody of the SPCA.  He says he's not sure how the dogs got out of a fenced-in area and promises to help pay the medical bills of the injured pet.  He is awaiting a court appearance on his charges.

It is illegal to own a pit bull or other vicious breed of dog in Cincinnati and has been since 2003. Tighter regulations passed by Cincinnati City Council last year made it illegal to breed, sell or give away a pit bull within the city limits.  Colerain Township has no such ban.


  • Dog 5 years ago

    Great Cincinnati, I see the ban is working! You make these laws that only hurt good citizens who follow laws. The bad guys don't care about laws or life. These are the ones who will make these dogs dangerous. Punish the deed!!!

  • CrackDownNeeded 5 years ago

    Cincinnati needs to aggressively enforce the pit bull ban through public education and awareness, and must engage the public’s assistance to identify and report the presence of any pit bull. While drunk driving laws have failed to remove every drunk driver from our roads, it would be ridiculous to assume drunk driving laws are a failure and should be rescinded, or that anyone should ever look the other way. And just as it would be unconscionable not to report a drunk driver, it is unconscionable to look the other way whenever an individual is known to be in possession of pit bulls. Any dog can bite, but the high incidence of deadly, disfiguring maulings by pit bulls can only be curtailed through continued vigilance, enforcement, and punishments appropriate for the willful disregard of public safety.

  • BullyBob 5 years ago

    So you punish the law abiding citizens by taking away there pet pit bulls and let the crimanals keep there dogs.. If you took my pit bull I would demand that the city pay for DNA testing... most pit bulls are a variety of dogs..I can see why Cincinnati has a high unemployment rate.. cause your all stupid

  • Dog 5 years ago

    Look at the UK and Canada who have breed bans and how well they are working out for them. As a pit owner I am truly horrified that we the American people who fought so hard for freedom would condemn any life based on looks alone.

    Remember when Dobermans where the killer dog? Remember when one shark would kill someone a a mass hunt would follow? Remember how we thought of the African -American community was less just because of the color of there skin? Remember how Hitler started with propaganda about the Jewish community and how they suffered because no one stood up for them.

    I see history has been forgotten. It starts out small and seemingly harmless. Then more and more they take away your rights using fear. Do not fear the unknown do some f****n research!

  • DB 5 years ago

    These types of dogs are responsible for more serious injuries and deaths than any other type of dog. It is not the dogs' faults, it is irresponsible breeding over the last 20-30 years. However, something needs to be done about the dogs and the government needs to step in when citizens won't police/govern themselves on things.

    Owners of pits (call them Pit Bulls, Pit Mixes, Bullies, American Staffordshires, AmStaffs, Staffies, American Pits, American Bulldogs, whatever)... if you want one so badly then you should be required to jump through whatever hoops the government tells you. Gun owners have to do it. Cigarette smokers have to do it. Why such baby crying about legislation on your dog??

  • Anonymous 4 years ago


  • dog 5 years ago

    I bet you got your facts from Keep on watching that Fox "news".

  • Bill 1 year ago

    Agreed! These animals are dangerous and need legal restrictions. It's dumb when people say it's not the dogs fault. When that python attacked that kid, I guess it's not the pythons fault then either, now is it?

    Do not try to argue with pro pit bull people. It is a complete waste of time.

    They are some of the biggest idiots on the internet and simply will not listen to reason.

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