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Cincinnati's rising star

This book gets to the heart of the matter.
This book gets to the heart of the matter.
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Looking for a good read?  Oressa Springs, a
rising author released her first publication, Racism and Black on Black Crime, From a Biblical Perspective.  Effected by black crime, Springs lost a brother to a senseless murder in 1998.  Her brother, Elkariem Springs was murdered on New Years Day.  Statistically, his death was the first homicide for the year in
.  What a way to begin a year. 


Springs’ perspective, in the book, portrays this complex problem as having greater origins than what is visible to the eye.  While there are many scriptures that support her reasoning to look to the Bible and God for answers to this devastating issue, she also uses scriptures to point to the source of this crisis.  One scripture in particular is Ephesians , “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”


Springs highlights the ugliness of racism and crime and the horrific consequences they cause on black families.  Yet, there are hopeful strategies to be gotten from this read.  In the midst of providing insight into possible solutions to the topic, the book gives historical accounts and personal examples that are uplifting and encouraging.  Youth advocates can introduce this book to teen book clubs or for youth Bible school classes.  Adults of all ages can relate to some aspects of the authors’ view.


Springs mentions her upbringing in
with a close, large and loving family.  Her credits to her mother, grandparents and other relatives demonstrate that she believes strong families are a key in beating many ills that face the black community. 


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