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Cincinnati's Lindsay Lohan hot dog

One of many hot dogs at The Senate
One of many hot dogs at The Senate
Carol Stigger

“It’s a mess because she’s a mess,” explained the waiter. I looked toward the kitchen. He pointed at the menu. Oh, right. I had inquired about the Lindsay Lohan hot dog. It was one of eight offered by Cincinnati’s Senate restaurant in the Over the Rhine neighborhood.

This little brick-walled restaurant in an historic building offers eight gourmet hot dogs. I was not appropriately dressed for the Trailer Park. I would order the Hello Kitty for a cutesy little girl to complement her Hello Kitty handbag and socks. I had just come from Chicago, so the Chicago held little interest as I had eaten one at O'Hare. The Korean, Croque Madame, and Una Noche con Nick Lachey sounded too foreign for a domestic trip.

The waiter offered an off-the-menu hot dog, the Cate Blanchett, in honor of the actress being in town to film the movie Carol. My companion ordered that one, and it looked tasteful and tasty. I had to have the Lindsay Lohan. It was a mess with a beef hot dog buried under goat cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, arugula, balsamic vinegar, and “tons of drama.” And, it was delicious.

The Senate has other offerings for the adventurous eater: mussels charmoula, crispy pig tails, lobster BLT, roasted marrow bones, and pork belly grilled cheese. The spirits menu gets equal time. Lindsay would have ordered the Left Hand Milk Stout draft beer and a bottle of Delirium Tremens for her right hand. But I was on my way to see the award-winning “Diana a Celebration” exhibit making its last stop of an 11-year global tour in Cincinnati. I did not want to offend the spirit of the People’s Princess by making a clumsy entrance.

Cincinnati, a city on the Ohio River, has much to offer and more on the way such as a streetcar. Check back for more of my adventures in the “Queen City.” It has come a long way from being a port city for pigs. It is, in fact, a Renaissance town with a great sense of humor.

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