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Cincinnati Rollergirls travel to Chicago for a game with The Outfit

Cincinnati Rollergirl, Hannah Barbaric
Jeff Sevier

The Cincinnati Rollergirls (CRG) are winding down the 2014 season with a trip this weekend to Chicago for a rematch with the Chicago Outfit at the Windy City Fieldhouse.

It was two months ago at the Spring Roll tournament when Cincinnati last played the Outfit in Ft. Wayne Ind. In the first half Cincinnati kept up with Chicago, but in the second half the wings came off of the airplane. The Black Sheep went with 12 jammers during the bout, looking for whatever answers they could find, but in the end came up short 208-103.

This season has been a challenge for CRG. It began in February when 5 veteran skaters walked out of practice, quitting the league because of differences with the Leadership Team. The makeup and attitude of CRG changed almost instantly, gone were very talented skaters and roller derby players, but in its place were young and hungry lions that had been waiting patiently and now had the opportunity run with the ball.

Cincinnati has not so much been rebuilding this season, as they have been remodeling the interior with a change in attitude, game play and an altogether different approach to the game. While the Violent Lambs (B Team) hold into a 4-7 record in 2014, the Black Sheep are 0-14, which is in part the result of B team players finding themselves skating for the A team against good roller derby teams like Madison, Toronto, Jacksonville, Arch Rival, New Hampshire, the Chicago Outfit, Killamazoo, Nashville and Brandywine. Despite the difficulty that 2014 has been, the ladies of Cincinnati have kept their heads up, and are meeting all challenges head-on at 100 mph. I will take that attitude all day, every day.

Chicago is on a three game losing streak losing to No Coast by 60, Omaha by 122 and Brewcity by 19 points since May 31. The Outfit drew a #5 seed in the Division 2 tournament to be held in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, taking on the #4 seed Killamazoo Friday, August 22. The editors at (FTS) are confident enough in the Outfit, that they have already advanced them to the next round against DC the next day, by way of contrast; Killamazoo does not have a scheduled game against DC the next day on their FTS page. Does FTS know something the rest of us do not?

Tonight’s game is the Main Event following the Shakedown’s bout against Dupage. The first game begins at 7:00 Central time; Cincinnati vs. Chicago will be streaming on DNN.

Cincinnati will close out the 2014 season when they travel to Columbus, OH on August 16 to play the Ohio Rollergirls. OHRG is seeded #5 in the WFTDA D1 Tournament in Evansville, Indiana.

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