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Cincinnati Police kill two Pit Bulls after they maul a 6-year-old girl

Cincinnati Police reported a Pit Bull attack on Wednesday that occurred at 6:15 p.m., at the 2900 block of Aquadale Lane. Approaching District Three police officers witnessed two Pit Bulls mauling a six-year-old girl. When police approached, the dogs attacked the officers. Both dogs were shot and killed. Authorities report the child has suffered massive facial injuries and is in critical condition. She was transported to Children’s Hospital and immediately underwent surgery.

Cincinnati Police kill two Pit Bulls after they maul child.
Photo by Jeff Topping/Getty Images

Based on the child’s injuries The Homicide Unit is conducting an investigation. The subject of Pit Bulls in Cincinnati is a regular heated topic for discussion on local talk radio. Yesterday, on WLW 700, hosts Tracy Jones and Eddie Fingers discussed the dangers of owning a Pit Bull with Katy Blanton, a Pit Bull advocate of

Jones and Fingers often have Blanton call into the show whenever a Pit Bull attack hits the media. Blanton is a supporter of Pit Bulls and doesn’t consider the breed a danger. She says she owns a Pit Bull and blames bad behavior more on the dog’s owner. Jones and Fingers disagreed with Blanton and claim the breed is dangerous.

To support their opinion, Jones and Fingers referenced a Fort Thomas, KY, meeting on June 2nd to revisit the city’s Pit Bull ban. Fort Thomas is outside Cincinnati and has banned Pit Bulls since 1988. Pit Bulls are the only breed banned in the city. The city kept the ban in place. Besides Fort Thomas, more than ten other Kentucky cities have outlawed Pit Bulls. Other Kentucky cities that haven’t banned the breed declare the dog as either vicious or dangerous.

The debate about the Pit Bull breed is a hot topic. The website provides many statistics about dog attacks. According to the site, the Rottweiler and Pit Bull accounted for 74% of attacks that resulted in the death of a person from 2005-2013. The site also addresses facts and myths associated with the Pit Bull.

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