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Cincinnati Math Teacher Inspires Her Students With Brilliant “Let It Go” Parody

Varland Photography

If Cincinnati hasn't proven its coolness yet, check out teacher Jenni Stadtmiller who wrote her own version of Frozen's mega-hit "Let It Go" to inspire her math class.

Jenni told, "Teaching fourth graders, I am always looking for new and fun ways to build better relationships with them. And since I am personally obsessed with musicals and Disney, I was excited when Frozen came out. After hearing “Let It Go,” I knew it was going to be popular and I wanted to work with it to pump my kids up for state testing. Since I say ” show your work” a hundred times a day, I knew it would go perfectly! I wrote the song in one day then sang it over and over again for my husband and my own kids! I then sang it to my after school Advanced Math Camp and the students taped the video."

Her witty re-write of the song is brilliant, and she has a spectacular voice to boot!

Her video has since gone viral and she has even appeared on her local news station. Check out her awesome parody video here!

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