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Cincinnati Home and Garden Show 2010


Going green this year?

Landscape design
Andrew O'Dom

If yes, make sure to attend this year’s Cincinnati Home and Garden Show running through March 14th. The Home and Garden Show has representatives from many of the top local building materials, landscape design, and residential construction companies. These companies are showcasing their latest lines of products and services. Many of which can save you money.

Champion Windows and Doors is one of the main sponsor companies in attendance. Champion offers many ways to increase the curb appeal of a home while also increasing the energy efficiency. Old windows and doors account for a stagger percentage of energy loss in a home. With Champions Comfort 365 Glass occupants can feel comfortable with the interior temperature while also feeling comfortable with the numbers on their energy bills.

Arronco Heating and Air is another company offering a sustainable energy system for heating and cooling your home or business. By using the earth to control the temperature of water in a geothermal HVAC system energy is saved and less fossil fuels are consumed. This kind of system has an upfront cost, but it will pay for itself over time. It also reduces pollution and lessens the need for fossil fuels.

Buildings consume 40% of the energy used in the US. With the use of the above mentioned techniques that percentage can be greatly reduced. If as a community we can reduce the energy consumption by installing these energy efficient products we can cut the dependency on fossil fuels and reduce the effect of pollution on cities like Cincinnati.

Not just do these products and systems save the environment and home owner’s money; they also qualify for tax credits that will offset some of the upfront cost. Many of these taxes credits expire at the end of this year so it’s worth the time to check out what these companies have to offer. Not just for you but for the environment as a whole.

The show also puts landscaping on display. Many local landscape design companies set up beautiful gardens that can create a psychological connection with the environment. These gardens increase the pleasure of being outdoors and can renew a connection with the environment. Americans on average spend 90% of their time indoors; which contributes to the disconnect with and disregard for nature. So by bringing the beauty of nature to your own backyard you can regain a respect for the environment and bring some relaxation to your day.

The show is wrapping up this weekend. It is being held and the Duke Energy Convention Center in downtown Cincinnati. Get discounted tickets at any Home Depot store and children under the age of 13 are admitted for free.

For more information visit the Hart Productions website.


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