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Cincinnati Haunts and Local Ghost Stories

Cincinnati Music Hall
Cincinnati Music Hall

Ohio is notable as one of the most haunted states in the country and the Cincinnati region is no exception. sites Ohio as the most haunted location in America due to the large volume of hauntings reported. There have been a number of books detailing Cincinnati's own supernatural history, and the newest is entitled Haunted Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio. Authors Jeff Morris and Michael A. Morris take an in depth look at the most popular haunting destinations in the area, and they describe Cincinnati as a place where “the grainy quality of those piercing horror films echo in the post-twilight mist of the creek.” They take the reader on a picturesque view of the grim side of the city, portraying haunted sites in a way similar to a ghostly midnight tour. Such is the atmosphere of the haunts they detail, ranging from the Spring Grove Cemetery to Eden Park.

History is the primary focus in the book, which they use to bring the haunts alive. The authors begin with a description of the cholera epidemic in 1849 Cincinnati, explaining the grim and disgusting symptoms. The cholera epidemic resulted in the confinement of the Mount Pleasant community from 1849 to 1850, which was later renamed Mount Healthy in recognition of its escape from the outbreak. When people tried to flee to Mount Pleasant they were stopped by the quarantine. The book states that locals sometimes hear a train whistle when no trains are present; leading many to assume it is the ghosts of cholera victims, still trying to find safety.

Haunted Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio had excellent source material to work with, considering Cincinnati's colorful history with the supernatural since the epidemic. There is the Cincinnati Music Hall, which is said to be haunted by hundreds of souls who were buried beneath the building during its construction. Adding to its creepy allure, the building was even set on the site of Cincinnati's first lunatic hospital. Most infamous, however, is the location of Satan's Hollow which is said to be in the suburb of Blue Ash. It is said that there is an underground altar room in the drainage tunnels and that a demon in the form of a shadow haunts there. What is even more chilling is that no one knows the true history of the location or where its legend and its connections to Satan in fact began.

With its plethora of haunting locations, it is no wonder Ohio and Cincinnati in particular are widespread with ghostly tales. An infinite number of rich detail and historical accuracy has gone into Haunted Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio and the explanations of where and how some of the legends first started are fascinating. For those who believe or want to believe in the local haunts, the book is the de facto guide to the Cincinnati supernatural.