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Cincinnati citywide beans & rice fast is a monumental challenge to faith groups

Will it be more than 400k this year?
Will it be more than 400k this year?
Church of Cincinnati

What happens when a bunch of crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy caring Christians get together? Brainstorm with ideas?Then decide that they will eat Beans & Rice for a week, giving the difference to their city? Last year $452,000 was given to the community to keep pools open, help orphanages, ..... What?

You heard it right! 2014 is slated to be bigger and better! Crossroads Community Church, the initial instigator, is sharing the idea with the citywide faith network: The Church of Cincinnati.

The idea of giving on a impactful scale, transforming the Cincinnati region caught fire! A multitude of church pastors attended the two (2) March brainstorming meetings for the upcoming "Beans & Rice" fast, and have signed themselves, and their congregations on to be part. Citywide involvement with every denomination represented! Who says we can't unite, and get past our differences?

Not wanting to duplicate funding opportunities... the new Mayor of Cincinnati was approached with "How can we help?", and "What can we fund?", the response was SHOCK. Doesn't everyone, including faith institutions approach government officials with their hand out? After getting past the stunned response, Economics is high on the list....

Isn't it great to be part of a movement that is beginning to rock stereotypes on their hind ends! Imagine a little Book of Acts breaking out.... Yes!

From April 6-13, and/or April 13-20 (depending on your faith group), Christ-followers throughout our city will fast (give up) their regular diets for one week and donate the difference in their food budgets.

WHY? To identify with the poor, and to be generous!

HOW? It can be done several ways-

Strictly Rice & Beans

Eat out of the Pantry

Take only a day or 2

Your choice, your sacrifice, .... calculate the difference, and give. Don't belong to a group participating? Contact the Church of Cincinnati, or Crossroads... Be part of the impact!!!

WHO? You, your immediate & extended family, your church, your work, your athletic team, your _____

We can then Fund a few great projects. Donations should be UP & ABOVE the normal tithe (don't rob already effective ministries)... Sacrifice during this Lenten Season will now be more than giving up Red Meat :) And what a great opportunity to model to our kids generosity, and a love for our community!

1/3rd of the kitty will go to fund the various churches' local missions, 2/3rd toward citywide initiatives:

Whole Again International - Summer program for kids that provides food, continued education, and love

CityLink Center - Helping people break generational cycles of poverty through access to jobs,

education & more

Make A Wish Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana - Blessing children and their families with life-threatening


Unpolished Startup Accelerator - Economic development investments in startup businesses in our region

(teaching them to fish, vs. providing a 1 time fish feast).

Inspired to be part of the movement? Hope So! Let's be BIG in our generosity!

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