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Cincinnati builder moving into Sugarcreek Township

Cincinnati builder moving into Dayton area
Cincinnati builder moving into Dayton area
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Sugarcreek Township is looking forward to a new subdivision across from the cemetery. The subdivision is to be constructed by a Cincinnati builder, Inverness Homes. EDCI was approved for a subdivision of 268 lots with 140 acres in 2007, but have been requesting extensions over the years. The Zoning Commission recently granted a third extension to allow for financing and planning.

“Inverness Homes out of Cincinnati will be purchasing and developing the property,” said Cara Tilford, planning and zoning. “We had a meeting with them last Thursday and they are at a point where they are trying to decide if they are going to go with the current plan or come back with a new plan altogether.”

Some modifications to the original plan might be to modify the gas lines. The current plan involved gas lines to be crossed four times. This process is very expensive and not a great idea. To reduce the number of crossings would be an option to consider. Making small modifications to the plan may be allowable but any significant changes will have to go through the rezoning process because of the changes to the zoning resolution.

“One of the things that they did was a quick sketch to eliminate the crossing of the lines. It is a 24-inch line and its high pressure. It’s expensive to work over top of although it is deep, it is still very expensive,” said Barry Tiffany, the Township Administrator. “When he did that, he created 16 cul-de-sacs in that neighborhood. That equates to about 2 1/2 hours of snow removal in that subdivision alone for the Township, so we encouraged him to not have so many cul-de-sacs.”

Should Inverness Homes decide to make small modifications to the original plans, the development could begin as early as this fall. However, if a major modification is required, the development may not begin until next year.