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Cincinnati-area police dog retires

Hamilton Police Department

A dog that has spent his life fighting crime in a Cincinnati-area city is now retiring. "Regret" the labrador is ending his six year tour of duty with the Hamilton Police Department.

The dog and his handler, Canine Officer Terry Kiefer, have made numerous drug busts with search warrants and during traffic stops in this city, which is located 20 miles north of Cincinnati. Besides his more business-like duties, "Regret" has been a favorite attraction at police tours and public demonstrations.

The department is now searching for a dog to take "Regret's" place.  Canine Coordinator Sergeant Michael Waldeck says any citizen can donate a male labrador between the age of one and two by contacting the police department's Public Affairs Section at (513) 868-5811, extension 2007.

Also, the Fraternal Order of Police has set up a fund and is seeking donations for the training of the canine that can cost up to $10,000. Citizens can contact the Public Affairs section if they would like to make a donation.