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Cincinnati among the fattest cities in the U.S.

Cincinnati is one of the fattest cities in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, one in three Cincinnatians are overweight.
Why, and what can be done about it? It can be argued that one of the major contributors is the type of restaurants, as well as, the portion sizes that are such a big part of life in Cincinnati. In addition, some parts of our seasonal climate do not necessarily promote outdoor activity. 
So, are we doomed Cincinnati? Hardly. As with any significant change there are some fundamental tools that must be implemented in order to find success and reduce, not only overweight and obesity numbers, but to significantly increase the quality of life in the Queen City and set the right example for our children. 
To begin with, many of us have to come to grips with the consequences of a diet that consistently includes rich, and or fatty foods. As most of you know, physical appearance is not the only issue. Poor diet can lead to diabetes, chronic illness or pain, heart disease I often hear folks say that they will not give up this or that part of their diet. However, I’m sure if those same folks had to deal with any of the aforementioned malady’s they would gladly give up the medications and treatments that they require. Declining health and fitness, along with growing waistlines causes multiple issues that directly affect quality of life and longevity.
Next, we need to create a vision for what we truly want in terms of quality of life. Then we begin with the first step. Often times an individual will fail to make a change because resistance to the process of change is too great. A quick search of the definition of obesity for those who are obese and don’t know it, along with the related consequences should give any individual enough ammunition to reduce their resistance to change.
We must give credence to the fact that being overweight is a huge problem. Then we get a clear vision of what we want to achieve. Then we begin. The holidays are getting close. Let’s get fit before they get here Cincinnati so we can enjoy them to the fullest all the while knowing that we are steadily moving forward to getting healthy and off the CDCP list.

Approximately 700 calories and 40 grams of fat