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CILTeP Ingredients Weight Loss and Focus

There are few supplement products that are worthwhile to write about these days, but I still try a few to make sure I get accurate information that can help people to make better decisions about their health. One of those products is a new combination called CILTeP, which is a nootropic stack that is designated for improved memory, focus, and alertness. However, I found that the ingredients, forskolin and artichoke extract, were perfect for weight loss as well.

Fatty Acid Oxidation

Fatty acid oxidation is the body's ability to utilize fat as energy from storage compartments in the body. At certain hormonal or homeostasis levels, it is hard to break through a barrier of fatty acid oxidation, but with specific herbal remedies it might be possible. The ingredients that are in the CILTeP stack help to improve fatty acid oxidation, which is perfect for burning fat.

Aside from that, the combination is also perfect for improving alertness and attention as well. Many different people comment upon the efficacy of the drug for improving the level of focus similar to prescription drugs like Modafinil. If that is something that you are interested in, the combination with CILTeP might be the best way for you to go.

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