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Cigar Angels Have Fallen from the Heavens

There is something to be said for self awareness. Realizing one's own room for improvement is key to success. Refusing to evolve will never result in anything less than extinction. The Cigar Mistresses are aware of this, and have seen the error of their ways. It is always attractive -albeit incredibly rare- when a woman can admit when they are wrong. This charming, yet sultry group of women have decided to change their approach. Naughty, yet nice with an enormous emphasis on nice. The ladies have attended their own brand of "reform school" and will henceforth be known as the Cigar Angels.

Understanding that "mistress" is a term that brings with it the negative connotation of infidelity, seduction and - let's face it- lust, the Angels have decided to seek the approval of the public with a change in approach. They never set out to draw negative attention to themselves, but more so thought "mistress" to be a fun, tongue-in-cheek term to appeal to the alpha-male in the majority of cigar enthusiasts. They missed the target slightly. Now, they know that most of the alpha-males enjoying the name and the product they produce, had an alpha-female counterpart. One doesn't need a masters in psychology to realize an email from an "" address would stir up feelings of aggression in wives, girlfriends and mothers everywhere.

It should be made clear that nothing has changed with this team of beautiful women when it comes to cigars and the atmosphere they provide. Nothing is more fitting at a cigar event, golf tournament or local fundraiser, than a beautiful woman, dressed in a classy ensemble promoting the affair. That is marketing 101. In that regard, the Angels have maintained the ideals they have always valued. They would be more than happy to class up your next event and look forward to the potential organizations that will be more open to this type of group.

Furthermore, the Angels have taken it upon themselves to up their game. Head angels, Ruth and Jen took a 9 day trip with Broadway Cigar to Santiago, DR where they were able to tour the La Aurora Factory. During their time in this oasis of smoke, the ladies were given lessons in flavor profiles, traditional etiquette and - most importantly, the art of rolling a fine cigar. These two ladies spent 4 whole days on the actual rolling floor of one of the biggest cigar manufacturers in the Dominican Republic. This kind of knowledge and enthusiasm cannot be synthesized. If you are looking for an authentic, knowledgeable cigar experience at your next event, you'd be foolish to not want, crave and demand the Angels pay a visit.

To get in touch with the Cigar Angels make sure to pay a visit to their new home on the web:

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