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Cibos app to put sports scores right on your Twitter timeline

Get the sports scores you want - right on your Twitter feed
CibosApp LLC

A new free iOS and Android app will allow you to see live sports scores on your personal Twitter timeline.

It's called Cibos, and it's developers says it's the first mobile app to combine the thrill of seeing live sports scores with the ease of checking your personal Twitter account.

It has a patent pending that determines what particular sporting event a “tweet” is referring to and provides a static “GameStamp” to show various game details. Things like the current score and the amount of time remaining can be put in a Twitter feed.

Cibos can also give users a live update of the game in progress with player statistics, and team standings.

“Twitter is the top platform to discuss sports, but most tweets lack context,” Cibos President, Rick Gehman, says. “Cibos provides that additional information that sports fans are thriving for.”

Sometimes it's hard to find a current live score on Twitter, but Cibos can help.

Even though football season is now over, Cibos could be an invaluable asset during March Madness or even baseball season when it's hard to follow all 162 games live or in person.

Get Cibos right now for your iOS or Android device.

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