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Ciara's break up drama

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

One could get whiplash trying to keep up with all of the rumors swirling around me Ciara future break up one thing however it is well known is that the cause of the break up of infidelity on Future's part. First it was reported that Future was cheating with a number of groupies on the road as well as ones on Instagram. This was confirmed when he actually was caught trying to give his number to one said groupie on Instagram and rather than posting it to her privately he actually ended up posting it to his entire fan base following him on Instagram. This is was quickly followed by a rumor that he had actually engaged in sexual liaison with one of his three other baby mamas. However the most damning rumors are those stating that Future was actually cheating with both Keyshia Cole and and well known as long time emesis Rihanna. The infidelity with Rihanna was said to have happened while the two collaborated on their song A"Love Song" as well as most recently when they have been working on her forthcoming album. No one from either side has substantiated any of these rumors the only thing that is true that we known is that they are ending their relationship and the beginning of a custody battle over their 3 month old son. Ciara is seeking full custody of the child. Let's hope that they can reach an amicable agreement for the child's sake.

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