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CIA Ukrainian Coup over IMF Free Market Fascism not Russia

Yesterday, Vladimir Putin moved troops into the Ukraine. Today the news talked about parallels to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Others were speculating that the Neo-Cons in Obama's government had convinced him to do this to teach Putin a lesson for his intervention into Syria.

While the days events make parallels to the Cuban Missile crisis seem prescient just remember that money always trumps politics. The Ukrainian CIA backed coup is not so much about American Russian relations and ideology over the last sixty plus years as it is about the ongoing rise and spread of Free Market fascism, that began with the CIA backed assassination of popularly elected president Salvador Allende in Chile on September 11, 1973 and continues to the present in Ukraine and in Venezuela.

This Right Wing coup began when the elected president Yanukovich backed out of signing an agreement with the EU that would have brought the Ukraine into this economic grouping and allowed the IMF and World Bank to begin the corporate enslavement of most Ukrainians by providing loans to prop up the collapsing economy. Russia had promised to help Ukraine as well by pledging 15 billion dollars to help stabilize the Ukrainian economy.

The World Bank and IMF, that had once had the mandate of helping developing economies get the funding they needed to elevate the economy into the 21st century has increasingly become similar to a payday lender that cannibalizes the borrower and sinks them into debt slavery. this makes them ripe for economic exploitation by the Corporate Oligarchs that rose to power in the Newt Gingrich's radical fascist revolution of the 1990's in America.

At this point, what the IMF bailout will entail will be a Ukraine prostrate before the free marketers that will allow for the plundering of all that is valuable in the Ukraine by the Oligarch's. This will come through severe spending cuts to social programs, privatization of the commonly held lucrative parts of government into the hands of foreign investors, and deregulation of business and industry.

The dire necessity for the CIA backed coup stems from the economic instability of the whole EU and the exposure of the contradictions of Free Market Fascism even in the United States. Having the Ukraine's economy to sell off and cannibalize will pump up the EU.

If the EU fails the US will be right behind it because of the FEDS Investment in helping to prop up the EU. The EU like economic vampires, needs Ukraine as fresh victim to provide the appearance of a successful economic model. Though I believe more and more people are questioning the whole idea of landless farmers, jobless workers, and gutted social programs, in short extreme poverty, as a necessary component of unlimited prosperity.

Putin is not blameless either as he claims to be defending Russian interests. Russia needs the Ukrainian economy for many of the same reasons the EU does. Russia has already been victimized by the Free Market Fascist Shock Doctrine itself so that its economy is still in tatters and Ukraine would help bolster it. The standoff may last awhile so hold tight. The vultures are circling or is it vampires.

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