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CI Games discusses Enemy Front’s open-ended gameplay

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CI Games upcoming first-person shooter, Enemy Front puts the tactics and choice that would be a guided experience in other FPS titles, squarely in the player’s hands.

Enemy Front is CI Games attempt at a “modern WWII shooter”, and being powered by Cryengine3, the images we’ve been treated to thus far certainly put the idea that the WWII FPS is dead to rest. Enemy Front is also being touted as a “play your way” game, in that the player has a bevy of options and strategies at their disposal when combat situations present themselves.

“We have the usual run-and-gun approach,” said Executive Producer Steve Hart, “but we also enable players to use stealth, sniping, and sabotage as alternative fighting styles.”

Hart continued,

Stealth and sniping can be utilized in any level, at any time with a silenced or scoped weapon that has been picked up by the player.

Enemy Front finds players in the role of Robert Hawkins, an American war correspondent who gets caught up in the fight across multiple historic backdrops like France, Germany, Norway, and Poland. Enemy Front also promises a 10 hour campaign with destructible environments in tandem to the choices available to players, providing a unique take on the classic and somewhat overplayed WWII era shooters of yore.

“When these four gameplay styles are combined with a few extra mechanics available from the player toolkit,” said Hart, “every level can play out differently and provide different experiences and outcomes”.

Enemy Front is coming to Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC in Summer 2014. Stay tuned to Examiner for more exclusive coverage of Enemy Front.

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