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"Church robberies on the rise in Jackson, Mississippi" (Update)

Praying in the pews
Praying in the pews
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An anonymous tip was given about stolen items from local churches and the Jackson Police Department recovered numerous items from a Jackson home. Officers discovered ten microphones, a keyboard and a microphone receiver. All of these items are believed to have been taken in recent church burglaries. The police are not through, because they aware that more items are still missing. The police also discovered a computer and a printer. Both of these items were reported stolen from Peeples Middle School back in November. Tony Lofton and Leonard Gordon were arrested at the home and have been charged with receiving stolen goods.

This is a follow up to a previous article titled "Church robberies on the rise in Jackson, Mississippi". There were a total of nine break-ins at local churches in the month of January. Since then, the Jackson Police Department has held special seminars on security for clergy and also kicked off a "church watch" group. Assistant Chief Vance is expecting more arrests soon.

Praise God!!! In short, God is able! On a practical level, God uses His people to accomplish His will in the earth. The Jackson police department was extremely vocal in admitting that many crimes would not be solved without the help of the community. I am reminded of the book of Judges and specifically with the story of Gideon. The people were oppressed and Gideon was just like everyone else…afraid to stand up and fight. The awesome part of the story is that God didn't forget His people and He still used Gideon to free the people from bondage. In the application of this scripture, this doesn't mean that we should all go and buy guns and be self-appointed police officers. It simply means that we need to be active in our community. It means that Christians can't just sit inside the protective four walls of the church and expect God to work a miracle on our behalf all of the time. When God works in the earth, the saints' hands have to get dirty.


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