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Church offers worship services just for men

Man Church in Canton, Michigan
Man Church in Canton, Michigan
Man Church, Canton, Michigan

According to the Christian Post on Jan. 25, a Michigan church recently began offering worship services geared toward bringing more men into the congregation and helping with the everyday issues they may face.

A press release announced stated that Connection Church of Canton, Michigan is launching a new church for men only. Man Church is a weekly gathering of men who get together to discuss man-issues and receive their assignments for the next week

Connection Church of Canton held its first "Man Church" service last Thursday. Mike Bartee, the church's pastor of development told Christian Post that the opening service was "awesome," with nearly 90 men in attendance.

Bartee said:

"If men make the unselfish decision to fulfill their obligation to their wives and children, many problems like the fatherless epidemic simply go away. We believe many of the problems facing America today are solvable problems … It's not a religious problem or a socioeconomic problem, it's a man problem."

The format of the service was simple. It was stripped down. It consisted of 30 minutes of teaching and 45 minutes of Table Talk where guys openly discussed the lesson they just heard and issues facing men today. Before the men left, they received their assignment for upcoming events. For example, on St. Patrick's Day, they are setting up tents at bars and providing free rides.

Bartee says that Man Church will be open to any man who wants to make a difference in his home and community. He does not have to attend Connection Church or even like church.

Across the country, several churches are holding events and gatherings meant to address what many social commentators see important male involvement in American culture.

Many churches have a Men's Fellowship or Men's Day, but most traditional churches do not separate males and females for worship services and call it a Man Church meeting on a regular basis as Connection Church of Canton, Michigan is doing with its men.

What do you think of having a Man Church as part of your local assembly?

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