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Church of Scientology worth over $1.2 billion? Did celeb donations build church?

Church Of Scientology worth over $1.2 Billion?
Church Of Scientology worth over $1.2 Billion?
Photo by Tim Boyles/Getty Images

The Church of Scientology is well-known in Hollywood and the latest news of the billion dollar church has people shocked. It’s no surprise that A-list celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta are part of the religion as they don’t hide their religious connection. Yet, the new numbers on what the Church of Scientology is worth might have celebrities uncomfortable. According to Radar Online on Wednesday, The Church Of Scientology, with only two of its many offshoot organizations accounted for, is worth more than $1.2 billion combined.

This latest figure has come from documents offered up in 2011 with the “book value,” of these two entities being quite substantial. As many would come to expect the church is tax exempt and the money is used to facilitate the needs of the church.

The Church of Scientology gets their donations from millions of people including celebrities. Offering up a tight-knit community, Hollywood is known for the strong connection to the non-profit. Actors, entertainers and other industry professionals many times get their names mixed into church business when talked about in the news. Does it help celebrities in the entertainment business to donate to the Church of Scientology? That depends on who you ask, but it does offer a lively debate on whether this organization is more than just a church. And some people believe there might be a connection.

So is this $1.2 billion dollar figures the total sum for the worth of the church? Apparently it only offers up a small fraction of the Church’s income. The a tax-exempt organization is not required to disclose overall incomes nor do they need to share how much people offer as donations. The only requirement is the everyday church operations. And with those staggering numbers, it’s obvious that people are going to be wanting to know more.