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Church leader’s death and opportunity for Christians to rebrand

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According to a March 21 article in the Washington Post, Fred Phelps, pastor of the Westboro church, has died. Phelps was 84

The article does not give a cause of death.

The actions of Westboro, in the recent past, grew more and more controversial. Recently, the church has been known more for things outside of the church than those inside of it.

The church, through its website, threatened to picket the prayer vigil for Sandy Hook and the funeral for Elizabeth Edwards. The church members have been seen holding signs stating that God hates America.

The question to ponder is whether or not the church is becoming more and more "intolerant," or is the church merely doing its job in calling things out?

Said one Christian:

"The Holy Bible says that we should not let our good be evil spoken of. This means that our actions and our words should be dipped in love. Saying that something is wrong or UN Godly does not have to be communicated in anger or nastiness. Further, the church should be the spiritual and moral standard. Making news about anything other than advancing the gospel is not the position the church should be in."

Others felt that the times we are living in require a more passionate and focused message. They viewed the church’s brand is and should be holy and God honoring. Even with that, they all felt that Westboro had gone too far.

Is the church becoming more and more controversial?
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Source: Washington Post