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Church leader arrested for attempted sex with a dog in Craigslist hook-up: Cops

Church leader Jerald Hill was arrested after attempting to set up sexual enounters with animals via Craigslist. (Photo: A man walks past the office of online site Craigslist March 10, 2006 in San Francisco, California.)
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A Missouri church leader was arrested this past week for attempting to arrange a sexual encounter with a dog and another animal, authorities say. Jerald Hill, who was CEO and president of Windermere Baptist Conference Center at the time of the arrest, will now be looking for a new job, according to Huffington Post's report on Aug. 8.

Boone County Sheriff's Department said they began investigating Jerald Hill, 58, after they were tipped to a Craigslist post. The Department's Cyber Crimes Task Force found the tip pointing to an ad attempting to arrange sex between a man and two types of animals. As noted by the Columbia Daily Tribune, one of the animals specifically requested was a dog. Authorities did not specify the species of the second animal.

Boone County sheriff’s Detective Tracy Perkins said in a news release that a detective with the task force exchanged emails with Hill where the detective fictitiously offered a dog with which Hill could have sex. Hill showed up at the predetermined meeting spot in Columbia and was immediately arrested without incident.

Hill's position with his church was soon in need of filling, Windermere Baptist Conference Center chairman Arthur Malloy telling Associated Baptist Press News that although the board was "supportive" of Jerald Hill and all he had done for the Windermere, they were concerned about his "well-being. Still, they needed to consider Windermere, so, in light of the arrest and allegations of attempted sex with animals, church leaders would meet next week to begin "the process of looking for a new president and CEO."

It is as yet unclear as to what types of penalties might be associated with Hill's alleged attempt at having sex with animals, which is a solicitation charge and a misdemeanor under Missouri law.

Jerald Hill was charged with suspicion of attempted unlawful sex with an animal and attempted animal abuse.

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