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Church Hosts Pig Fight, Protest Ensues

Global Conservation Group Cruelty Investigation Department

STEPHENSVILLE, Wis. - Despite international outcry this week, St. Patrick's Parish went ahead and hosted an event known as "pig wrestling". Activists say pigs are "punched in the face, kicked, body-slammed, yelled at and thrown into a barrel".

About 20 protesters joined the Global Conservation Group today to speak up for animals. Sheriff deputies stationed officers next to the protest to monitor the demonstration. No incidents were reported, however activists say pig wrestlers sprayed water and threw water balloons at them.

Undercover investigators with the Global Conservation Group and several other organizations attended the event to document illegal cruelty and abuse. The group's Division of Legal Affairs say they will carefully review it this week and take appropriate action.

Parish officials disregarded urgent pleas from activists to surrender the 37 pigs used to a farm sanctuary after the event. The pigs are scheduled to be killed Monday.

National Geographic, and local NBC, ABC and FOX news outlets were covering the event and interviewed several protesters.

According to the Post Crescent, protester Jill Wenzel of New London said she wanted the pig wrestling canceled in the name of Christianity.

"We did try to figure out a sanctuary that these pigs could go to after the Rassle, and we were told they would be contaminated and would have to go straight to slaughter," she said.

The Global Conservation Group's petition to urge the church to cancel the event has reached over 62,000 signatures in just a few days. Group officials say they plan to pursue legal action against the church after their teams review the video footage of the event.

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