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Church and State Battlelines if Law makes Bible Official Book of This State

The Bible May become the official book of Louisiana in classic church - state battle
The Bible May become the official book of Louisiana in classic church - state battle
Photo Credit - the Daily Caller

Would you have a problem if the holy bible was the official book of your state? One state, according to the Blaze is ready willing an anxious to give the Holy Bible and God prominence by making the bible the official state book of Louisiana. There are dozens of ongoing battles being waged across the nation by the ACLU and a plethora of atheist organizations against God and the bible.

There are always concerted efforts at Christmas time to attack public nativity scenes by atheists groups. But year round they also work to take down public crosses as well as attempt to rip public prayer out of the mouth of school children and public meetings. That is why this new effort to enshrine the bible into the Pelican state’s law can be daunting and a whole new religious battleground.

Yet for Rep. Thomas Carmody, a Louisiana Republican state legislator, the need to have the Bible as the official book of the state is more than a notion. He actually wants to have a specific bible used as the official book of the state, and names the Holy Bible, published by Johannes Prevel, (Prevel, Jean, active 1510-1528, printer as the actual bible, reported the Blaze.

Will other states follow suit and make the attempt as well, as many cities and state organizations across the nation have come under open siege to take prayer out of schools and public meetings?

The state’s legislature will be begin its session on March 10th and the nation’s conservative legislators will be possibly watching to see if Louisiana’s fight to make the Bible it’s official book can survive the turbulent atheist attackers.

One state under God may soon include the bible as the states moral and legal foundation by law!

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