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Church Affilliations Colleges - For Minorities

Religious Scholarships
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There are a lot of college bound students or returning students, who enjoy having religion as part of their academic education. It is an individual's preference to attend a religious college. There is a separation of Church and State. Most states do not allow reciting the Pledge of the Flag of the United States, because it states "God". If you want to include the religious aspect of your education, it would benefit you to attend and graduate from a religious College. Check out the list and see what they have to offer and what scholarships are available.

Church Affiliation:

African Methodist Episcopal Church

  • 2311 M. Street NW
  • Washington, DC 20037

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

  • 1200 Windermere Drive
  • Pittsburg, PA 15218

American Baptist Student Aid Funds - Board of Education Ministries

  • Catholic Negro Fund - Catholic Scholarships
  • 73 Chestnut Street
  • Springfield, MA 01103

Catholic Negro Fund - Catholic Scholarship Scholarship

  • 73 Chestnut Street
  • Springfield, MA 01103
  • This scholarship awards from $100 - $300

Coalition of Black Members of the American Lutheran

  • 422 South 5th Street
  • Minneapolis, MN 55415

Lutheran American Minority Scholarship Fund - For Lutherans

  • 4321 N. Ballard Road
  • Appleton, WI 54919

Scholarship Aid - Knights of Columbus

  • PO Drawer 1670
  • New Haven, CT 06507

Student Opportunity Scholarship for Ethnic Minority Groups

  • United Presbyterian Church
  • 475 Riverside Drive Rm. 430
  • New York, NY 10115 or 10027

United Methodist Ethnic Scholarships United Methodist Church

  • Board of Higher Education
  • PO Box 871
  • Nashville, TN 37202

The Vocation Agency - National Presbyterian Scholarships

United Presbyterian Church in the USA

  • 475 Riverside Drive Rm. 430
  • New York, NY 10115
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