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Church adopts Easter Egg Hunt

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It looked like nobody was going to put on a community Easter Egg Hunt. Maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal. Really, most of the fun of egg hunts was hiding and finding and hiding them again after Easter Dinner.

OK, those memories were from another time.

In the current century, communities host Easter Egg Hunts, but not the community of Burns Flat.

The town decided long ago that such events were not for them.

For a time the Chamber of Commerce put on this annual hunt for colored eggs and gave away hollow rabbits for prizes, but the Chamber has been defunct for 5 years now.

One or two individuals did their best to put on the event, but even they got burned out.

So the Cumberland Presbyterian Church stepped in at the last minute and with the help of several donors, put on an Easter Egg Hunt.

Then, the real story began. The church session voted to adopt the Easter Egg Hunt as a ministry.

Hold your holy horses!

Hunting Easter Eggs is not about the real Easter story. Why is a church adopting this pagan pageant for kids?

Why indeed?

Does this church not know that the world is invading Christianity? How could they do this?

Actually, the world is not invading Christianity. Christianity is invading a pagan world. The truth that Christians carry is being marched in to community after community around the world. That invasion has been underway for 2000 years.

It is not carried out with tank divisions and air strikes but with messages of how much God loves you.

Strategy and tactics still play a role.

Sometimes people don’t answer their doors when they see the Christians coming with their good news, but they will bring their children to the community Easter Egg Hunt just like they bring them to Trunk or Treat on Halloween.

Church members give out plenty of candy at both events. Parents need not worry. Their children will still receive enough candy to give them stomach aches and keep the dental profession in business.

But they will receive more than hollow chocolate bunnies. They will receive gospels, Bibles, Bible story books, God Loves You books, GOD LOVES YOU – LOVE ONE ANOTHER wristbands, and so much more.

What an incredible opportunity to tell so many children that God really does love them. And the children and the parents come to you.

Logistics and inclement weather plans get easier on church property. The doctrine of interior lines applies to egg hunts as well and the distance between needed materials and facilities and storage and just in case supplies is greatly reduced.

The good news for the community is that there will most certainly be a community Easter Egg Hunt in 2015. The good news for those who attend is that God loves them very much and those organizing the egg hunt can tell you just how much.