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Chupacabra Texas: Couple captures baby chupacabra and keep it alive in cage

A Texas couple has captured a chupacabra and they have it in a cage on their property. Before going public with their find, they asked friends and neighbors to look at the wild creature, which is just a pup. They wanted to make sure to that this is an animal that no one has ever seen in the wilderness of Texas before, according to Softpedia on April 3.

Chupacabra Texas: A baby Chupacabra was caught in Ratcliffe, Texas.
YouTube screen shot

They got their answer, which was “no.” This was not something folks stumble upon while in the Texas wild. The animal has big dark eyes and black leathery skin, which is quite wrinkled. The animal has no fur.

Jane and Bubba Stock live in the town of Ratcliffe and recently Bubba yelled for Jane to come and look at what he was seeing. There was a small animal, a baby, about the size of a cat eating corn. It was not an animal these two had ever seen before so they trapped the creature.

Besides not resembling any other type of animal that is seen in Texas, or anywhere else for that matter, this creature makes a bizarre noise. Experienced hunters took a gander at the Stock’s new pet and they have no clue as to what the baby animal is.

Because everyone is at a loss to find another creature that resembles this find, they have come to the conclusion that they have a baby chupacabra in their midst. The Stokes are keeping their visitor well fed and watered while it is in the cage. You can see the chupacabra in the picture above.

You almost feel sorry for the little guy. Since its species has been fairly good at keeping hidden in the wild, you hate to see it in a cage.

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