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Chumlee death hoax: 'Pawn Stars' reality star is alive and well

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

A big death hoax is going on again and this time the victim is Chumlee of "Pawn Stars." This is not the first time that rumors have been going around that he has died. On March 14, US Magazine shared the news that he is still alive and well.

Chumlee is actually doing so good that his health is doing great. He has lost 101 lbs. and is in the best health of his life. There is no reason to be worried about him dying anytime soon or anything happening to him. Rick even confirmed that Chumlee has been filming for "Pawn Stars" so he is just fine.

There are always rumors flying that someone has died that really hasn't. For some reason, Chumlee has to deal with this all the time. Lucky for fans of "Pawn Stars" he is doing great and nothing is wrong with him. You will see him on new episodes of "Pawn Stars" when they air.

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