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Chuckwagon Jamboree Music Festival comes to Colorado Springs Sept.24-25

Chuckwagon Jamboree comes to Colorado Springs in September
Chuckwagon Jamboree comes to Colorado Springs in September

The fire may have taken the Flying W Ranch, but it won’t take their western spirit. Flying W Ranch is the proud host of the National Chuckwagon Jamboree this September. Join Flying W and the four other Chuckwagons within the area as they celebrate their 60th anniversary of Chuckwagon Dinners and Western Musical Entertainment. This special event will be held at the National Historical Colorado Springs City Auditorium on Monday, September 24th and Tuesday, September 25th.

The Chuckwagon Association of the West began over 50 years ago, when Russ and Marian Wolfe, along with several close friends, started inviting tourists to their evening cattle roundups and serving them food at the Flying W Ranch. Someone would often pull out a guitar and sing old cowboy songs for the guests. Since then, there have been many “chuckwagon” style groups to spring up around the country. A small core of folks loyal to the original cattle drive spirit and the Chuckwagon Association’s goal “to provide the highest level of quality and value in family entertainment and food”, is still affiliated with the Flying W through the Chuckwagons of the West.

Each year, the Chuckwagons of the West meet for a “jamboree”—a thank-you to loyal fans and a time to swap stories and advice with other members. The Jamboree is held annually at a different Chuckwagon. Groups performing include the Flying W Wranglers, Circle B Cowboys, Bar D Wranglers, Flying J Wranglers and Bar J Wranglers.

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