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Chuck Schumer asks FDA to ban known carcinogen from fast-food products

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
US Senate official portrait

What do yoga mats, some shoe soles and fast-food restaurant breads have in common? They all contain a chemical known as azodicarbonamide. While there is little chance that someone might try to eat the first two, the chemical, which is used to condition dough so the bread will have a longer shelf life, has been found to turn into a known carcinogen called semicarbaxide when cooked.

As a result, NY’s crusading senator Chuck Schumer is calling on cahins such as Arby’s, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King to ban the substance fom its products. Subway has already announced that it will stop using it.

“In a day when cancer rates are rising, you have to be careful,” stated Schumer, who noted that the European Union and Australia have already banned azodicarbon in their foods.

“The US should follow their examples,” he added. “All that needs to be done is for the FDA to add a clause in its regulations that prohibits them from approving anything carcinogenic for consumption.”

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