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Chuck's Steakhouse


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Nestled on the 17th Street Causeway in East Ft. Lauderdale, Chuck's Steakhouse is a treasured local steakhouse with low prices, good service, and an excellent salad bar.  Chuck's is open for lunch and dinner; however, lunch is such a great deal, I never make it to dinner there. 

Chuck's reminds me of a restaurant from circa 1970 with it's dark wood, and subdued lighting.  The atmosphere is inviting, and the menu large enough to accommodate any dietary needs.  

Lunch is where the bargain is.  They have several combination's you can order with the salad bar included. The best deal is the half sandwich and salad bar or soup and the salad bar.  The roast beef Au jus and tuna melt top my list. It comes with a side and the full salad bar for $8.95.  The salad bar is well thought out and contains several dressings, toppings and assortment of fresh veggies.  It also includes several varieties of fresh breads .   If a sandwich isn't on your list you can pay a few dollars more and get one of their signature burgers, which is fresh ground black Angus beef.   Of course, they have steaks available too. Dinner looks to be reasonably priced and all entree's include the salad bar. 

While Chuck's doesn't carry the quality of meat of Morton's, or Capital Grill, it doesn't carry the hefty price tag either.   Chuck's has two locations in east Ft. Lauderdale.  One is located at 1201 SE 17th Street Causeway which is the original location , and the newer Chuck's is located at 2428 E. Commercial Blvd.


  • S. Sussman 5 years ago

    Another good customer friendly review. Good food and less money! What a guy! Keep them coming.