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'Chuck’s Eat the Street' watches as ‘Boy Meets Birmingham’

Chef Chuck Hughes of Chuck's Eat the Street loves to travel
Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images

On Thursday night’s Cooking Channel episode of “Chuck’s Eat the Street,” Chef Chuck Hughes ventured to Birmingham, Alabama on this episode titled, “Boy Meets Birmingham.”

Chuck’s first stop in this town was Vulcan Park to see the large statue of the iron man and close by, where five streets converge is Five Points South. Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama, and founded in the 1870s to take advantage of the iron ore from Red Mountain, and grew into an industrial giant so quickly that it was nicknamed “The Magic City.”

First stop on this trek was Highlands Bar & Grill to meet with chef and owner Frank Stitt, who merged French and Southern cuisines to create something amazing. He made the Highlands Stone Ground Baked Grits with country ham, mushrooms, fresh thyme and parmesan. Chuck loved the French touch and had to check to make sure he was not in the south of France.

It wasn’t difficult to keep Chuck from entering the Dreamcakes Food Truck, with fresh items driven to town from their bakery. He met with Jan and Dwight, who take the truck out at least three days a week. Chuck feasted on Oatmeal Cream Pie, an oatmeal cookie sandwich with frozen custard inside.

At Chez Fonfon, Adam Grusin, the chef de cuisine made Chuck an amazing egg salad with kale salad and homemade mustard vinaigrette on the best-looking warm bread. One slice of bread was enough, with egg salad and kale salad piled high, such a yummy treat.

At Veranda on Highland, chef James Boyce specializes in Alabama gulf seafood. This restaurant is inside a house that has been on the former Millionaire’s Row since 1900. He made a Dungeness crab salad with blood orange and citrus fruits and frisee; Chuck was loving every bite.

At the Melt Food Truck, he met with co-owner Paget Pizitz and Joey Dickerson, who just love to bond with their customers. They have several kinds of bread and cheese with toppings and fillings to satisfy all cravings. Chuck got to chow down on the Black & Blue, with blackened Cajun beef, and blue cheese on this episode of “Chuck’s Eat the Street.”

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