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'Chuck’s Eat the Street' visits a ‘Hudson Valley Hot Spot’ on Cooking Channel

Downtown Rhinebeck, NY is where Chuck's Eat the Street was this week
Downtown Rhinebeck, NY is where Chuck's Eat the Street was this week
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On a recent Cooking Channel episode of “Chuck’s Eat the Street,” Chef Chuck Hughes ventured to Rhinebeck, New York, on this episode titled, “Hudson Valley Hot Spot.”

Chuck’s first stop was Le Petit Bistro where he met up with chef & owner Joseph Dalu was making Asian Fried Oysters with tobiko (fish roe) mayo. Chuck could not help but notice that the oysters hailed from Canada, so he got to wave his flag and brag when the oysters were incredible.

As he strolled down the historic streets of Route 9, which was known as the Kings Highway in revolutionary times. He then stopped at Terrapin Restaurant to see chef & owner Josh Kroner, who took Chuck on a ride to see where maple syrup was made. They went to Madava Farms to meet with Jacob Griffin, who gave them a lesson in making maple syrup. Jacob drilled a hole in the tree, and Chuck put the tap in. He immediately tasted the delicious sap that was anxious to flow. Inside the plant, they saw the different colors of sap, from light amber to dark brown. Each color was determined by mother nature, and nothing extra was done to the sap. Josh took a bottle of the darkest one back to the restaurant to make Chuck something special. He made a thick maple brine pork chop that made Chuck’s mouth water as it was being prepared, and he revealed that his nickname was Pork Chop. The sauce was made from a reduction of apples and maple syrup, that had to smell wonderful, and as they both ate it, one knew it was a recipe soon to be tried.

At Gigi Trattoria, chef & owner Laura Pensiero, made a Skizza, a skinny pizza with crust that goes into the pasta sheeter, then adding kale pesto, butternut squash and roasted tomatoes, shredded mozzarella and oregano. Chuck wanted to know if they deliver in Montreal?

His last stop was Cinnamon Indian Restaurant to meet with Shiwanti & Chaminda Widyarathna, chef & owners. They make both northern and southern Indian cuisine, all by hand. For Chuck, they make Chicken Masala, and he loved every bite on this episode of “Chuck’s Eat the Street.”