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'Chuck’s Eat the Street' goes ‘Phoenix Feasting’ on Cooking Channel

Host of Chuck's Eat the Street Chuck Hughes
Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images

On last night’s Cooking Channel episode of “Chuck’s Eat the Street,” Chef Chuck Hughes ventured to Camelback Road on this episode titles, “Phoenix Feasting.”

Chuck’s first stop was to meet up with his old friend Beau MacMillan at Elements, a resort at Camelback Mountain. Beau made Red Dragon Shrimp using several asian ingredients, including head-on shrimp in his famous Red Dragon sauce, a combination of spicy, sweet, sour and just deliciousness that Chuck was loving.

Next stop, The Lodge where chef and owner Aaron May was waiting for Chuck to taste his Sasquatch Burger. Starting with bacon on the grill, he made a delicious burger, made two grilled cheese sandwiches on Texas Toast using several kinds of cheese. It took two big hands to hold this monster, but Chuck did a great job savoring the bacon/burger/grilled cheese delight.

At Tarbell’s Restaurant, Mark Tarbell, chef and owner who uses many of the ingredients straight from the desert. He met with Chuck in the desert to forage for Nopales cactus and prickly pears as the two rode ATVs to find the treasures. Back at the restaurant, they carefully scraped the cactus paddles to remove the spines, then rubbed them with garlic and olive oil and grilled them. He then made ancho chili paste, tomato salsa, avocado crema and topped it with queso fresca on a corn tortilla for a vegetarian taco that was awesome.

Chuck then visited Fu-Fu Cuisine to meet chef Esther Mbaikambey, cook and owner of this West African and Caribbean restaurant. The star is fu-fu, a starch made with yam flour, resembling mashed potatoes. Chuck had a meal of goat meat with a brown sauce. Esther showed him how to eat it, by tearing off pieces of fu-fu and dipping it in the sauce on this episode of “Chuck’s Eat the Street.”

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