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Chuck Norris: ‘1000 years of darkness’ if Obama wins re-election

Actor and martial artist, Chuck Norris just released a video with his wife Gena in which they try to mobilize evangelical Christians to vote against Obama in November. The scripted video has the “Walker, Texas Ranger” actor warning that Obama’s re-election could be something worse than socialism. Gena Norris goes on to say that it could bring about “1000 years of darkness.”

Chuck Norris

The odd thing about this type of rhetoric is that Obama is a pretty conservative Democrat. He is far from socialism and his signature healthcare plan was actually Mitt Romney’s plan. Part of it (the mandate) was even proposed by the American Heritage Foundation, a Republican think tank.

Of course the real interesting part of the video is definitely the religious scare tactics, which uses coded language to insinuate that President Obama is the anti-Christ from "The Book of Revelations."

Of course similar insinuations and flat out accusations were made during the 2008 election. Since Obama has taken office nearly four years ago, not much has actually changed in America or the world. Obama has continued many of the failed policies of his Republican predecessor and so it isn’t a surprise that things haven’t really improved much, they certainly haven’t gotten dramatically worse to the point that an apocalypse is eminent. The Norris’s have to be asking themselves, “What’s Obama waiting for?”

Besides, doesn’t the fundamentalist, evangelicals want the anti-Christ to come so that the End Times will begin and Jesus will return on his white cloud to rapture the living and the dead to Heaven?

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