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'Chuck' guest, Kristin Kreuk and friends scout teens for free retreat

Worldwide eyes are on Winter Olympics host Vancouver, but two of the city's locals are fixing their gaze outward, with a call to teens throughout the world.

From left: Friends Kendra Voth, Kristin Kreuk and Tamara Leilie at their 2009 Time out for Teens.
Courtesy Time Out Retreat. To see full slideshow, visit

Today Kristin Kreuk, along with GirlsByDesign partner Kendra Voth and Time out Retreat's Tamara Leilie, launched a for-teens-only contest to win a retreat with the actress, her friends and other surprise guests.

Kreuk was named one of TV Guide's Sexiest Women of All Time in Sci Fi and is well known for her role as Lana Lang in WB's "Smallville." She is currently is appearing in a series of guest spots on NBC's "Chuck."

The one-day Time out for Teens retreat was created by the actress and her friends to provide teens with tools to live the life they want. With support from Boys and Girls Clubs, it will be held in Petaluma, California on April 9, 2010. Winners are invited to attend for free, however transportation is not provided.

How to enter

The actress and her friends challenge teens to submit art projects about passion. "What are you passionate about and how do you express it? How are others expressing it in your world," asks Kreuk.

Art, video, writing, photography, or any creative project that can be emailed to by March 1, 2020 will be considered. Winning entries are selected around March 9, 2010. More information is provided in a call-to-action video posted on today. 

Lara Piu is the author of Good things celebs do: How-to Live The Good Life too. She has been an online journalist for Gannett since 2003.

(c) Lara Piu 2010


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