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Chuck Gaidica meteorologist leaving Channel 4 to become pastor at local church

Chuck Gaidica
Chuck Gaidica

Chuck Gaidica, a three-time Emmy winner, and WDIV-TV’s (Channel 4) meteorologist for the past 27 years, has announced he is “stepping down from his longtime post so he can join the staff of Oak Pointe Church in Novi as its pastor of world outreach.”

Last year Gaidica spent a month living in Jerusalem to study for his master’s degree in ministry leadership, and now says “he is ready to devote more of his time to the huge Oak Pointe Church.”

Gaidica told the Detroit Free Press in an interview last week, that “his decision was six years in the making,” and continued, “I think maybe we all would like God to send us a message in skywriting but that didn't happen. God leads people with whispers and nudges.”

Chuck Gaidica is right, God does lead us all with “whispers and nudges,” but we have to be open and receptive to receive them, and be willing to go where He leads us, even if it’s not in the same direction that we might have had in mind.

When was the last time you heard God’s soft whisper, or felt His gentle nudge, and how did you respond?