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Chubby kitties need to exercise too: Purr-worthy fitness finds for cats

On your mark, get set, go: Cats play.
On your mark, get set, go: Cats play.
Joanne Eglash

While we wouldn't advise trying the "pinch an inch" test on your cats, overweight kitties deserve some help. Whether you have indoor cats, outdoors cats or "indoor-outdoor" felines, the right products can help your beloved pet to slim down and have fun.

Meet the official testers for our feline fitness challenge: Bob, a six-month-old tabby kitten from the animal shelter, and Missy, a three-year-old cat from a rescue group. Here are the products that are Bob-and-Missy-approved:

What toys do your cats like? How do you keep them entertained and fit? Post your comments below.