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Chuan Spa at The Langham Hotel, Chicago

Chuan VIP spa treatment room
Chuan VIP spa treatment room
Chuan Spa at The Langham, Chicago

Chuan Spa, located in The Langham Hotel in Chicago, is bliss at its best. Opulent, natural, tranquil, and completely luxurious are just a few terms to describe this remarkable 22,000 square-foot spa. The peaceful setting ushers in the relaxation that every guest desires. From strolling through the Moon Gate, to passing through the majestic wooden doors to each suite, the architecture alone is awe-inspiring.

Spa Treatment Room
Chuan Spa

In Chinese, Chuan means "flowing water". As the source of life, water represents re-birth and re-balancing. This brings us to the Chuan Bathing Ritual, which is described as a natural water journey. This is a starter, of sorts, to the guests' relaxing visit. Located within each changing room is a series of rooms designed to reinvigorate the body's reaction to hot and cold stimuli to create deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and well-being.

Chuan Spa's brochure shares this about the Chuan Bathing Ritual: "This ritual begins with an aromatic sensory and moderate heat experience in the Herbal Sauna allowing the heat to loosen and soothe tightened, congested muscles and the herbs to open the respiratory system. For more intense heat, relax in the Salt Stone Sauna, which releases negative ions to create a fresh, clean, bacteria-free environment. Blocks of pure Himalayan salt stone line the wall creating a calming environment and assists in reducing stress, respiratory and skin ailments.

Transition to our Aromatherapy Shower to awaken your spirit with invigorating scents. Then enter our Oriental Steam Room where you will be greeted by the soothing scent of Chamomile. Linger longer on one of the ergonomically-designed relaxation recliners radiating soft warmth directly on your body to create a sense of harmony."

After this bit of bliss, guests are all set to transition to the next phase of their invigorating Chuan Spa journey.

William Myers, Chuan Spa's director, shared a bit about Chuan Spa:

  • What is the Concept of the Chuan Spa? Traditional Chinese Concept/Medicine (TCM). A team was brought in from China to teach and train on the methods. This is unlike anything else in Chicago.
  • When did the spa open? September 10, 2013.
  • Do you have a "typical" guest? We have a diverse guest population. Most are hotel guests, with the remaining being locals.Women ranging in age from 30-40 and looking for leisure time might be closest to the most typical guest.
  • What service is signature or exclusive to your spa? Services with "Chuan" in the title would be those that are signature or exclusive to our spa.
  • What's the spa's most requested service? Either the Hydra Moisture Source Facial or the standard Swedish massage.
  • What are your recommendations for a first-time spa-goer? I would suggest the Chuan Harmony Massage. They should also utilize the entire spa--the sauna, herb sauna, steam room, dream center, heated loungers, etc.
  • Any recommendations for veteran or frequent spa-goers? The Chuan Balancing Massage, Chuan Stone Therapy, or the Polynesian Spa Ritual.

My Experience

After taking advantage of a few of the amenities in the changing room--which set the tone to relaxation and continuation of my tranquil journey, I transitioned on to indulge in the signature Chuan Muddy Elements Wrap (1.5 hour treatment "Integrating the five Chinese elements into five signature muds, this treatment is specifically designed to nurture you in a truly unique way. Your sensory journey will begin with a warm oil and herbal salt exfoliation to stimulate the skin. Relax as your entire body is enveloped in your elemental mud and wrap, allowing the therapeutic elements and essential oils to infuse. Your stress will evaporate as your scalp is gently massaged and your face cleansed before we complete the treatment with a full body hydrating lotion."). Indulgent, rich, invigorating....this treatment is most highly-recommended.

Though there are endless treats at Chuan Spa, a must-see-and-experience is the Dream Center. It was the perfect lullaby for my senses. There is soothing sound and light enveloping the body on a futuristic lounger. Can you imagine? Once again, you must see and experience to understand what I mean.

My final words about Chuan Spa: go immediately.

For more about Chuan Spa's amenities and the Chuan Journey:

Chuan Spa – The Langham, Chicago

330 North Wabash Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60611



Special Thanks to The Langham Hotel, Chuan Spa, and William Myers, Director of the Chuan Spa at The Langham Hotel, Chicago.

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