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Chrysler issues recalls for Wranglers, minivans


It seems that Chrysler has learned well from Toyota’s mistakes, as they were quick to issue a recall of Dodge Caliber models (click here for more on that) equipped with the same faulty brand of pedals as the murderous Toyota models and this past weekend the smallest of the Big 3 issued two more big recalls.

The first came yesterday when it was announced that Chrysler would be recalling select 2008-2009 minivans from both Dodge and Chrysler. Between the Grand Caravan and the Town & Country, 284,831 models potentially could be included in the recall. In these vehicles, a wiring harness may have been routed in a manner that allows the sliding door hinge to rub against the outside of the harness. Over time, this friction could wear through the case of the wiring, potentially creating a spark and causing a fire.

The second came this morning with the announcement that 288,968 Jeep Wranglers, with build dates from May 15, 2006 THROUGH August 9, 2010, could have an issue with the front brake hoses rubbing against the plastic inner fenderwell liner. Like the wiring recall, the constant friction of affected vehicles can wear through the brake line, causing a loss in brake fluid pressure and without fluid pressure, the brakes don’t work.

These recalls are the most recent in a chain of announcements from a wide variety of auto companies, showing that everyone has learned a lesson from Toyota’s slow reaction to possible issues. From here on out, we can expect to see recalls for things that “may happen” rather than waiting until things DO happen – benefitting the consumer.

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Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


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