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Chrysalis, an evolution of rock at Seattle Hempfest 2014

It was a warm Saturday afternoon when Chrysalis took the McWilliams stage at Hempfest of Seattle. The sky was blue and the sun was shining down on both band and the crowd that had gathered. As the heavy rifts of their first song started to flood out across the grounds, curious spectators were drawn to the stage like moths to a flame.

AJ of Lose Control playing in place of Chris Norris who could not make the show. www.aaronmphotog.com
Aaron Meyers Photography
Yessi of Chrysalis at Hempfest of Seattle 2014
Aaron Meyers Photography

Chrysalis [pronounced Chris-Uh-Lis] is not your normal rock band. If you jump tracks around their CD, you would probably start to think it is a compilation album by a various collection of rock bands but I assure you it is not. One listen their song 'Thoughts Behind' and you will begin to experience the musical journey that is Chrysalis. It is loud, heavy, gritty, soulful, soft, melodic and technically complicated all in one artistic track.

Formed in Barstow CA in 2003, Chrysalis has released 2 independent albums, performed in several regional tours, and now a national tour that ended in Seattle at Hempfest 2014. Gaining new fans with every stop, this technically innovative and lyrically creative group puts on a spectacular live show. Stage presence and virtuosity combine seamlessly to a create a memorable performance. If you have an appetite for a wide range of music, this is definitely a group you will want to check out.

The following is excerpts from an interview with the band prior to their show:

Who are your biggest influences?
Jared Sturgis: Deftones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers,
Billy Norris: Killswitch Engage,
Yessi Burton: Long Walks On The Beach.

If someone had never heard your band before how would you describe your sound?
Billy Norris: Something you'd want to hear.
Yessi Burton: We are essentially a rock band. Since the dawn of rock music everyone has been identifying themselves different ways, I am this I am that, but essentially it is all music and we draw from all of those influences. People are confused by our music as it shifts around from here to there really quick. We are not a band for someone who is only dedicated to one style, we are more for an audience who seeks to hear something that is different and a music montage.

Your newest album, Focus on the Center, was release 7 years after your first album, why was there such a long delay?
Yessi Burton: There were a few different reasons but there was a album we recorded in between that time, but we felt the material did not fit us or fit who we were. We were young and still discovering our sound. When we got back together the music we wrote came effortlessly, where before it felt forced with no results. But, we took a break and everything flowed like water like it is supposed to.

What was it like crowd sourcing your tour? What gave you that idea?
Yessi Burton: We were not making enough money, and the cost of doing a tour is astronomical. But what was really cool about the indiegogo thing was we did not expect to get that much support. We only expected about $2600 in support, but we almost doubled that in first few weeks. It made us really happy that our supporters wanted to help and not remain on the sidelines cheering 'Go Chrysalis!' They were actually getting involved with the tour.

What has been the best tour date so far?
Yessi Burton: Colorado is always a favorite.
Gabe Gallego: Our best shows crowd-wise were Amarillo and Philadelphia.

Who were your favorite bands to share the stage with?
Yessi Burton: Lose Control. We exchanged members; A.J. played for us and Jared played for them. It made us feel like one big band. On the last date together in Barstow we all went up on stage and played a song together.
A.J. Bartholomew: It turned out, and worked pretty well but our bass player could not make the tour and their guitarist could not make it, so we figured instead of hiring someone we would just pull double duty every night and helped each other out.

Chrysalis is:

Yessi Burton - Vocals / Guitar / Keys

Chris Norris - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Gabe Gallego - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Jared Sturgis - Bass
Billy Norris - Drums

A.J. Bartholomew of Lose Control on Guitar / Backing Vocals for 2014 North American tour.


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